DANGER: Prepare for The 2019 Real Estate Market

Prepare for The 2019 Real Estate Market. Will the housing market / bubble CRASH, CORRECT, or CONTINUE? What are the odds of each? We’ll talk about …


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  1. If you live in CA theres a crash coming! Politics and taxation will drive people out. Meanwhile in other areas of the country the housing market is doing good. 90 out of 100 RE economists said 2019 will be a good year. 5 out of the 6 last recessions home prices actually didn't fall. Rates are still super low compared to the past 100 years. Housing in the US over the next 25 years will be in huge demand. Residential real estate is iffy but multifamily is pretty much guaranteed unless you live in a liberal run city. #facts

  2. All experts are talking about a big-bang crash , you read a single book and came on public and saying I don’t see a crash !! Until this moment I stopped your Video

  3. it's january 13, 2019 today. the market seems way too slow which is different than your expectation on scenario 2. It seems Vancouver market is going to take some adjustment, downhill for a while. Any oppose?

  4. I'm a saver I love deflation 🙂
    debtors sorry.
    I'd say stock market needs to drop another 25% at least.
    real estate needs to drop 50% due to wages not in line with real estate.

    So I actually want the market to crash. debtors you've been riding on 0% cheat for far too long.
    Just declare bankruptcy and restart already instead of rolling over debt.

    I have more than 50% of my wealth in cash right now just playing with 3-5% interest from bank bonuses yearly waiting.

  5. They deserve it. They did it to themselves. Let's buy a house that's worth 250 thousand for 600 and think it makes sense. I hope they all foreclose lol. That's when we come in.

  6. This timing is perfect for me. Just fresh out of divorce where I lost EVERYTHING and my credit ruined because of legal fees. However, in 2-3 years, I hope to catch a "perfect" wave and buy my home at a great deal. Any thoughts, anyone?

  7. We are going to continue to have inflation. That is always a direct result of our congress spending more then we give them. Doesn't matter if it's just because there's a short fall and they raise the debt ceiling. Or if they spend more in order to push the economy. Either way the debt goes up. That = more money supply in out economy and that means higher prices . That is what is pushing the housing higher along with everything else. We just started our inflation amount we have to work through. We're no were near the end. Not only just the money supply that is already produced. We are spending 2 trillion a year more then taxes . So we're not stopping by any means. Expect higher even much higher prices to come. There is always a lagging effect. That is part of what we're seeing.

    It is always in the housing market that people will try to anticipate higher then they should and then have to lower the price while marketing there property. That's a normal thing. (((((BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN THAT HOUSING IS GOING TO DROP AND GO DOWN.))))))) Remember that housing market is a slave to the money supply like all other prices . This inflation has just started. We will have higher and higher prices for at least 10 years. Could even be longer. Keep you eye on the national debt. That is tied and directly shows how much congress is spending.

  8. Here in the white hot Seattle market it’s drastically cooled off over the last 6 months. I would primarily attribute this to the rapid availability in new apartment/condo buildings. I’m voting on a correction.

  9. There is no real data about realestate crash like 08, it was simply a morgadge crisis in 08. and that only happened once in a life time. Interest rates been going up and down many times years ago and ahead, it will only make realestate slows down but nothing like a crash of 08. In fact, realestate is going up, it might slow down in the next year or two due to interest hikes but no way a crash.

  10. So let me ask a question. I am building a home that wont be finished and doesnt close till sometime Julyish 2019. What happens if the market crashes and I have not yet pruchsed the home? Will they be forced to sell the home to me at a lower price because with the crash it wont appraise for previous build price? I searched google and couldnt find anything that talks about a scenario like this. Thanks

  11. Real estate market in most of California has peaked. I've been seeing 20k to 60k+ price drops in highest valued areas. Houses are sitting since September 2018 not many people buying. Several large corporations have already announced of closedowns of branches and more soon to come. Just wait till first quarter 2019! This will have a ripple effect in our current jobs market. Which will affect housing affordability. Big housing correction is afoot in the visible horizon. We will not see a huge drop in prices not as deep as 2008 we will see a correction of no more than 25% equity value loss. So… If your home is valued today at 500k it will be worth 375k by 2020 that is the worst case scenario in my opinion.

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