Getting Started with Passive Real Estate Investing – Are you looking to build passive income through real estate? Then don’t miss a moment of this in-depth video where …


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  1. $764,750 Gains/Profit on HEMP/CBD stock (HIPH) which is going to be creating CBD infuse Beer. 805,000 Shares of (HIPH) shares owned sold for ONLY 95 cents uptick in price will mean $764,750 !

  2. I’m sorry but after 8 minutes of video you say that u gonna start talking a little bit about yourself? Omg bro I’m sorry but 8 minutes off you talking the same thing over and over and over wasn’t enough? Please be more objective looks like one of those scams videos that u just say “I’ll teach u something amazing” but u never get to the real point.

  3. I don't know where your properties are but it must be out West. On the East coast you cannot buy anything near those figures. Nice that you shared any real estate info for free though. Would have to really search out where anything near that could be found out East.

  4. The numbers presented in the first rental are not realistic. Ideal, but not real. Unless you rent out to risky tenant who’s willing to pay high rent in exchange for no commitment or something. And maybe you convert into more bedrooms so more tenant can live in there, or u got the house when it was foreclosed, or something else because under normal condition, there is no way you can rent 2k for a 150k house under normal condition. I mean, who wouldn’t want to buy a cheaper house in a neighborhood that can command high rental income? But the problem is the market will not allow it, unless you go around it, ie flipping, buying foreclosures, and other ways but that definitely wont be classified as passive.

  5. I am sick of inter company politics, I hate having my schedule held at will by someone else. My wife and I are trying to get out of the norm, one house at a time.

  6. I currently own my home which is paid off…needs about 50K upgrades..whether I sell or rent…my husband and I just bought a home closer to where he works (so we can ditch cars and save insurance)…the new home also has a basement suite…I was thinking of selling my current home to pay off the new one…then build equity in the new home and keep an eye out in the new neighborhood for another investment in the future…so which should I do? Sell current or just keep renting?

  7. I fell into this exact thing by accident….I bought my house because I liked the area and style of the house….it just happened to have a 1 bedroom, 1 bath guest house in the backyard. I thought, well maybe I'll make it into an art studio or something. Well a friend asked if they could rent it from me. I agreed, and several months in I realized, dang, this rental is paying my mortgage for me, I'm living here for free! 💡😍. Amazing epiphany! In 2008 a million foreclosures were everywhere! 💡💡💡💡 Thought, let's keep doing this…bought several homes, all rented with huge cash flows, all have paid for themselves at this point, have 5 homes now and all but one are now paid in full! So grateful I mistakenly fell into this thing…close to being able to quit my 40 hour week job…plan on traveling abroad since this income follows me where ever I go!

  8. I have a situation i'd love your input on.
    I make 50k a year and my monthly bills are around $300
    That being said I currently save atleast $2000 a month and i am currently at $7000 in my savings.
    I am 22 and aiming for $80,000 for my first home, I'm torn between saving up 20% and using a conventional loan or using a FHA 203k loan and doing renovations for a few years and then moving up in the market via selling and buying a larger home. Which option is more wise in your opinion? Saving the 20% and staying in the home until i own it outright or using the FHA 203k to not tie up all of my savings and profit from the renovations?

  9. Yeah lots of general info but it’s relevant too… RE is great because it gives you freedom free from job stuff which sucks nasty bob long hours full control over ur time even on ur moods so passive income to ensure ur financial freedom as he calls it aptly freedom you are free from job slavery quality time mental peace liberty all you need is to take calculated risks a bit of research in line or through get you free from fear..!!

  10. Love these videos literally the whole video: “here is what it is, here is why you should do it, you don’t need money to do it, don’t listen to anyone else, listen to me” and then at the last minute “buy my book and I’ll tell you the secrets”. You guys really think that these people would tell you how to become rich?? They don’t want you to make money, they want you to fail. Imagine if it was easy and everyone did it, these guys would make no money. They will never actually teach you anything. It’s the same thing with stocks and bonds and pretty much every investment opportunity. These guys won’t teach you anything. They will just keep conning you into spending money on what you think is teaching you but it’s not. I learned more in one class in college than reading 15 of these books and listening to hours of these videos. Dont waste your time and money on these. If you want to spend time and money on learning and actually learn something, just take some classes at a college on what you want to learn about. These guys never actually teach anything. You’ll probably even save money. You don’t need even need to get a degree. You can just take one or two classes in something you want to learn like I did.

    EDIT: I did watch the whole video. I wrote this about half way through. This video actually surprised me and did give a lot of good information. I’m talking about some of the other videos on YouTube just to be clear.

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