HOW TO SELL A HOUSE FAST šŸ’° For Sale By Owner vs Real Estate Agent

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Real estate for sale Montclair NJ


  1. To sum up the video it costs $17500 that you loose; so on your next home thats $17,500 less you have to spend on your next house (which means your next house will be worse than current); and basically zillow is doing all the marketing

  2. 1, Commission is negotiable. 7% is not what all brokers/agents charge. My team for example charges 6%(to be split between both agents evenly). With that said, if the agent/broker that you hire is exclusively working for you, they are not a "mediator". They represent you and legally owe you fiduciary duties.
    2, A large percentage of said commission often goes back into the agents business and gets put aside for taxes. If you think it's easy to be a successful real estate professional, please try it yourself. Also, real estate school itself teaches you more about keeping your license than selling houses so please don't mistake a friend who's had or has a license as a true real estate professional just because they took the class.
    3, Leveraging things to the professionals leaves you time to focus on your own business or income. Are you spending your hard earned free time wisely by trying to learn an entire profession that people spend years of experience to save yourself a small percentage? Does that calculate?
    4, Things happen. Every house is different. Experienced brokers know how to handle situations and save you time AND money so you can move on to your next goal.
    5, How do you know you're pricing your home to sell or sit? Or are you losing money by under pricing? Free online sites often use automated value systems that are tainted with bad comps due to deed transfers, stress sales, and non-comparables. A true real estate professional can walk you through that process and maximize your gain to make up for that commission. If you price too high, your homes marketability drops every week you're on the market and you begin to look like damaged goods or desperate for negotiation.
    6, What about buyers getting into your home? What if a pre qualified buyer is in town with limited time and you are unavailable to show? We use supra lock boxes that track the agents information when they enter so we know who was in the house when. IF you're just listed on free sites, how are you sure you're not wasting time with un-qualified buyers?

    The list goes on but I cannot stress enough the importance of hiring a professional with what is likely your largest asset.

  3. Title companies (who track all buying and selling data) have shown that FSBO's sell for 9-11% less than someone who uses a Realtor. And that's if they didn't already offer a buyers agent commission. They could be down up to 14%. People think selling FSBO will save them 6%… Data shows they will likely lose up to 8% verses someone using a realtor EVEN AFTER PAYING FEES.

  4. Iā€™m going to also do FSBO you know why! I knew how much my realtor was getting when I bought my home and as a closing gift she gave me $50
    Iā€™m like they got $8500 and a $500 bonus for me to complete the build I got $50 FSBO is the way to go

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