1. So we have porn star and a lipstick-wearing, super suited up prima donnas running around flapping their big mouths and this is what people think makes a good agent. It's like saying Donald Trump never filed 6 Bunkruptcies and he showed us his Tax filings. Is is a TV lie.

  2. At least they were Honest! I always say it is better to hear sour Truth than sweet Lie!!! I am Real Estate Agent and have no "filter" so I will tell you the truth not to hurt your feelings, but to keep you safe. People, this business is not only about making money, but it is about helping people also!

  3. That is not true! Laws vary from state to state, Here in Florida we are NOT ALLOWED to say anything about the property that does not materially effect the property. We cannot say if someone was killed there, died there, or had HIV etc. Check your local laws!!!!!!!!!!

  4. "I didn't know there were termites". That's why you get a termite report. This video is extremely misleading and a bad example. Look up everyones license you deal with so you know who you're dealing with. Some of these agents sound like they sell used cars.

  5. Here's a good tip…
    If you find a house with the last 5 years or so of a 20, 25 or 30 year mortgage on it (no matter it's rate) take it over as the monthly payments are around 100% principal…effectively ZERO interest. The scum known as a real estate agent will most likely advise you to not take it. Why…because those sums work with the thieves at banks and then they sell those mortgages to automobile manufacturers so as for interest free car loans.
    Real estate agents and their employers are scum.

  6. Barbara Is TOP NOTCH !! I’ve taken all of Barbara’s amazing advice and jumped out of my comfort zone! I took that advice and expanded my Agency into a new revenue stream. I even started a YouTube Channel to document my journey help others with what I have learned! Thanks Barbara, I own you!

  7. There are a lot of crappy agents out there, only 3% of the agents I have met with I would hire if given the opportunity. I put together a list of qualities a real estate agent should have and things they should know, 3 Months and 70 pages later, it is still a work in progress.

  8. If only the Real Estate business were like what they dramatize on TV. Actually, you don't have to be a shark to succeed. Treat people right and not only do you get more clients but you get a great reputation which will help you make better transactions for your clients. Most Realtors work with other Realtors more than once. If you are difficult and treat other agents or your clients poorly it will not help you in the long run. Real Estate is more boring than glamorous 99% of the time but that does not make for ratings.

  9. They are all dishonest!  We were just lied to by a broker and his agent… the house was listed 161 days.. the moment we put a bid in, he said it was "Under contract" two days later I had a friend call and he said it was available.. and he had the perfect "realtor" to make it work.. then he changed the status to under contract..

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