Today we have a discussion if the real estate market is crashing. I am seeing a lot of youtube videos lately around real estate crashing in 2018. Meet Kevin has …


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  1. What makes you think economy is good?For who? You actually believe those stats and numbers coming from Trump and media? Seriously? I see people struggling to barely make the ends meet left and right. This is worse than 2008… there are countless people out there suffering from interest hike time after time. Do you think economy is doing good for them? I don’t thinks so,

  2. Has not crashed yet we’re in the delusional seller phase where sellers are unable to come to the realization that prices are too high. There are two markets up and down. But we have yet to crest the hill.

  3. The trucking business is slowing down. Restaurants closing. Wages are still stagnant. Houses are staying on the market longer and owners are lowering their prices. Something ugly is brewing.

  4. Let me ask you, where are the chinese getting all that money? Isn't china poor? What kind of credit are they coming to America with? You have to establish credit. At least that's what they tell me.

  5. Trump just gave the biggest tax cut for the rich, how much more tax cuts do you want for the rich. Give me a percentage of how much someone who make 3 million + should pay in all taxes state and fed? I’m tired of hearing the rich have it SOOOO HARD 😩😢 when it comes to taxes

  6. Well the downturn in Cali started in June for me personally , it's still adjusting in secondary Bayarea markets .I think this winter will be aweful in secondary markets honestly , I do think next spring 2019 will be better 🙂 but longer term we are definitely in a massive slow down with every realtor I've dealt with in major denial. For me a loss of $35,000 in 3 months on a small property is aweful. Sold yesterday , what a relief , couldn't rent it , couldn't find anyone to qualify…. : Anyway , if people's wages don't go up , how can everything double or triple?

  7. There is no hosuing crisis due to lack of inventory. I see for sale signs up everywhere. There is a shit ton of inventory in LA County. The problem is housing affordability. None of these houses are at a price where the people that will actually buy them can afford. The housing market is going to investors and rich people.

  8. GOOD job from a real estate salesmen- but interest rates at 5% will cause a huge depression from student debt, corporate and government debt. Real estate in Las Vegas is already over priced by 20%- as climate change becomes worse- the city will become deserted. Be that as it may real estate is way to high in many markets- and LV is one of them-

  9. Your video was referenced from Meet Kevin, and I really like it. It brings the psychology into play of what people are looking into. The shock of interest rates to the housing is what is causing the housing market to be at a standstill. To me that's a good thing. I want interest rates to go up to what it should be, even to the point where we stall inflation, so that the market can correct itself and (although out of scope of this video) have the government, not to mention the citizens in general, be more responsible with their resources. Personally I'm saving money and assets so I can comfortably get a house, maybe even in cash, in a state where there is not a lot of taxes, like your state in Nevada, or Texas even. This video helps the viewers understand the big picture of things, which I love.

    I want to say though that the interest rates will cause a much more drastic change in all markets in my opinion. People will have to change their habits of work and pleasure to survive. It's not going to be catastrophic, but I would love to see it go back to where we actually have a gold standard rather than the wealth distribution we currently are seeing flow mainly to the rich. If that happens and inflation stops happening, we wouldn't have the government sustain wars, the common worker will receive more real wealth, and markets will go down to real values rather than be incredibly inflated like stocks and housing. Margin investing would be close to nil. That would help everyone out in the long run, much like authors such as Ludwig von Mises, Henry Hazlitt, and Adam Smith retorted in their books. So yes, if interest rates go up it would reduce housing, but I don't think the market would be able to handle greater prices with greater interest rates at all. There may not be a financial market crisis like in 2008, but it could happen; and if it does I hope to be prepared for that too.

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