U.S. Housing Market RAPID Slowdown! The Fed Is Going To CRASH Real Estate!

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  1. Realtors are responsible since they asked for properties more and more money and most homeowners weren't motivated to sell waiting to get more money for them , this way there weren't enough houses to offer in the market, buyers were forced to buy whatever was available at any price. Easy!.

  2. A debtor nor a lender be. Yes that is in the Bible and the wisdom there would say, get out of debt period. Debt is slavery and I would live in my car before I fell for the trap of having more stuff, (new cars, big houses, cloths, expensive jewelry etc) The lie in america is that material things will make you happy and truly the opposite is the case. I have discovered over years of having and not having, that the more I own the more burden it brings. Also you will never have the peace of mind that only faith in God, through Christ Jesus can bring, for His life lived and all He taught is life that frees us from the world and where there is self seeking, envy, and strife there is every wicked thing. Only God can transform our perspective and that is all any of this is about. I am content with little and no debt. I have peace of mind no matter how things go, do you? If not Jesus Christ is the only way to true freedom and lasting joy. Amen.

  3. America today is on a fast track that will soon be comparable to a third world living standards, for some state's it's already there, unbelievable i am seeing hard working folks in the state of California living on the streets.

  4. Next Time around No More Bailing Out the Financial Institutions / Banks on the backs of the PEOPLE. Next Bail Out must be addressed to PAY OFF the Peoples Mortgages / Student Loans and let the Financial Institutions & Banks SWEAT Blood & Tears for building up their Businesses ground up moving forward. If this was done in 2008 we would not be revisiting the coming Down Turn.

  5. LET IT FUCKING BURN!!! I CANT WAIT! Bunch of realtors should look for new jobs. Entire class of none productive leeches of this bubble economy needs to be flushed!

  6. Wow..scary charts !! I can see a buildup of a lot of sub prime crap again just like before the last big real estate collapse. They are even doing sub prime auto loans as well. Banks and real estate lenders are desperate…AGAIN…..and so many people are financially ignorant enough to fall for it AGAIN.

  7. Besides NYC/LA ,the average price of housing in the States is way lower than that of in China😭 .
    It's mission impossible for any average worker in China to purchase a home unless you work for a couple hundred years w/o spending a dime of your salary!

  8. Price of housing/even rent has been skyrocketing Ever since Denver legalized weed , tons of out of staters keep moving to Colorado.
    people underestimated the magic of the weed addiction.

  9. Flaw in your analysis: Mortgage Applications chart measures, not just purchases, but refinances as well. Clearly refi demand falls as rates rise. Separate out the data on refis from purchases, and you'll see a much less drastic case.

  10. Lol “get out of debt”? 1.5 trillion in student debt with awful job market and wages. Don’t patronize your audience like that. It’s not like some Dave Ramsey scheme is going to work this time. WE NEED A REVOLUTION OR ACCEPT TYRANNY.

  11. Hi David, another great post – many Thanks!
    Do you have any perspective on UK interest rates? – Historically they seem to lag US rates by a year or two; the Fed has raised from 0.25% to 2.25% (nearly 1000% increase!?), if that happens in the UK the property market will suffer enormously since average house prices are 10x average wages in many parts of the country. The Uk also didn't experience the same property slump in 2007 that the US did, so there is a whole generation that expect house prices to continue their upward trend indefinitely.

  12. what did i tell u are you looking keep looking daily now shanghai composite collapsed 3% us jobs report signals slowdown down 5000 jobs india says will continue to import iran crude in face of us sanctions us fed to continue rate hikes

  13. I think interest rates will increase once more this year otherwise inflation in the next coming few years rates could edge up close to 5-6%. As of now it's forecasted for inflation to be 2% this year then 2.5% next year and 3% the following year that is provided the Feds get their quarterly increase in interest rates, it's basically planned in ahead.

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